Rusty Slider


A small tool to display markdown files as a slideshow.



Try out Rusty Slider online:


Rusty Slider is available for multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, and the web. Download the latest binary build from github:


The file assets/ will be read and split into slides on horizontal lines: ---

At the moment, the markdown supported is headers, paragraphs, code blocks, blockquotes, and simple lists. Emphasis and strong are supported if the theme has italic and bold fonts.

Heading level 1 can be used as title page, as it will render in the middle of the slide and can have a larger font size set by the theme option font_size_header_title.

You may use html comments (<!-- ... -->) in the markdown for anything you don’t want to be shown.


Use left and right arrow keys or left and right mouse button to move back and forth between slides.

The S key saves the current slide as a PNG on disk.

Use the key Q or Escape to exit the slideshow.

Command line options

Use flag --automatic when starting the application to automatically switch slide every N seconds.

Run code blocks

Code blocks marked with bash can be executed by pressing the enter key. The output will be added in a new code block at the bottom of the slide.

This feature only works when running locally on a machine that can run shell scripts. Be careful when using this as there is no checks done on the shell script.

Only the first bash code block on a slide can be executed.


Create a file called assets/default-theme.json to modify default display values.

If you make your own theme file, and want to share it, I’d be happy to add it to the release.

Example theme.json

    "background_image": "assets/background.png",
    "background_color": "#753204",
    "heading_color": "#8f4d22",
    "text_color": "#cccccc",
    "align": "right",
    "font": "assets/Amble-Regular.ttf",
    "font_bold": "assets/Amble-Bold.ttf",
    "font_italic": "assets/Amble-Italic.ttf",
    "font_size_header_title": 100,
    "font_size_header_slides": 80,
    "font_size_text": 40,
    "vertical_offset": 20.0,
    "horizontal_offset": 100.0,
    "line_height": 2.0,
    "blockquote_background_color": "#333333",
    "blockquote_padding": 20.0,
    "blockquote_left_quote": "“",
    "blockquote_right_quote": "„",
    "code_font": "assets/Hack-Regular.ttf",
    "code_font_size": 20,
    "code_line_height": 1.2,
    "code_background_color": "#002b36",
    "code_theme": "Solarized (dark)",
    "code_tab_width": 2,
    "bullet": "• ",
    "shader": true

Command line options

The command line options can also be used as URL arguments to the web demo.

rusty-slider 0.10.0
A small tool to display markdown files as a slideshow.

    rusty-slider [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -a, --automatic <automatic>      Automatically switch slides every N seconds [default: 0]
    -S, --screenshot <screenshot>    When taking screenshot, store PNG at this path [default: screenshot.png]
    -s, --slides <slides>            Markdown files with slides text [default: assets/]
    -t, --theme <theme>              File with theme options [default: assets/default-theme.json]


Copyright 2021 Olle Wreede, released under the MIT License.

Fonts are copyrighted by their respective designers.